param list of string

asked 2020-12-02 19:19:38 -0600

jade93 gravatar image

Hi, I read this article, in section 8, there are the way how to get param list in std::vector container

i test this sample code, setParam and getParam work find, and checked what topic name is set.

however, i set params in yaml file, and load yaml in launch file, and check the params in std::map, nothing. specially, this method work fine for std::map<string,float> object, although boolean values also treated as float. for std::map<string,string> values.. this works just if i set params in cpp main, like sample code above. I checked param name and value several times.. but nothing special

I want to use this method for string values, which can parse arbitural params. it is better if float values is parsed as string, why it doesn't work? there are another way to do it?

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