export message class to remote machine for RQT

asked 2020-11-26 13:35:16 -0500

Andreas gravatar image


I am using Melodic and I am trying to use rqt Topic Monitor from a remote machine. I have set up a remote machine on the same network and configured the remote machine to use the main (robot) with export ROS_MASTER_URI = http://robot-hostname:11311

I am having trouble with the Topic Monitor not showing the values, instead it shows 'can not get message class for type'

I solved this on the machine itself by sourcing the devel/setup.sh before running rqt, but really don't want to deploy the source code and build it on the target machine. Are there any short cuts I can do to get the message types so that RQT can find them on a machine where the code is not deployed?

Thank you in advance


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