Can't kill RPLidar A3 ROS Node

asked 2020-11-18 14:42:29 -0600

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updated 2022-07-02 08:18:52 -0600

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I have been using RPLidar A3 on a computer having Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and ROS Melodic. To kill any particular node, the command is rosnode kill <node_name>. So, in my system, the name of the RPLidar A3 node is /rplidarNode.

$ rosnode kill /rplidarNode 

killing /rplidarNode

However, the Lidar does not stop. It keeps running. In fact, when I run rosnode list, I can still see /rplidarNode.

I'm trying to launch the Lidar through Linux service. So, I have been thinking to add rosnode kill /rplidarNode command for ExecStop tag in that service so that whenever I manually stop the service, the Lidar should also stop rotating!

How can I fix this issue? Any help and/or suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you so much in advance :)

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