Beginner -> receive error for turtlebot2

asked 2020-07-17 04:41:04 -0500

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Hello everyone.I use ROS melodic for first time. I want to do the first example which is turtlebot2 I followed the instructions from this link , but I receive an error when I give this command:

roslaunch turtlebot_bringup minimal.launch

Error I receive: Error

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*Error: link

NickRos gravatar image NickRos  ( 2020-07-17 04:50:01 -0500 )edit

Please use the preformatted text button to post the error so that they become searchable and make it easier for others to help you, instead of posting a screenshot of the output. This error means that the package or python file couldn't be found. Make sure you know where the file is located (or that it is installed) and that place is in a workspace that is sourced. The error specifies where ROS is looking to find the package.

achille gravatar image achille  ( 2020-07-17 09:56:06 -0500 )edit