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QUESTION on enabling LGSVL with Autoware.AI

asked 2020-05-13 19:30:58 -0500

SenRamakri gravatar image


Im trying to get Autoware.AI(version 1.13.0) running with LGSVL. To do that, I was trying to follow the documentation here - And part of the LGSVL documentation provides a sample json file at -

But when I look at repo it has sample.json for "LGSVL Simulator" at -

Why is the sample.json in Autoware.AI repo looks so different from what is mentioned in -

Are these JSON files used for different purposes? How and Where are they used? Please share if you have more info on these.

Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

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answered 2020-05-24 15:39:37 -0500

SenRamakri gravatar image

On further investigation with LGSVL engineers( on this issue, we have confirmed that the JSON in is outdated. Please update if anyone knows more on that area.

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Asked: 2020-05-13 19:30:58 -0500

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