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RVIZ or Gazebo nightly integration test

asked 2020-05-06 16:58:03 -0500

mugetsu gravatar image

updated 2022-03-20 09:52:02 -0500

lucasw gravatar image

Hey guys,

I saw briefly in a video that the guys at AnyBotics had nightly gazebo integration tests, the idea kind of blew my mind but it's exactly what I need. My robot has many configs and settings that right now basically are manually tested when we bring it up in RVIZ and/or Gazebo. Usually I just check that the robot still moves and certain topics are spitting out good data.

Any idea how this can be accomplished? Or perhaps is there an existing open source tool out there for exactly this? I don't think I have the resources to make something like this from scratch.

Thanks. I'm on melodic

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If I'm not mistaken there have been multiple ROSCon presentations about this topic in the past. It's not a very uncommon thing to do. Jenkins or some other build infrastructure is typically used, in combination with Docker images or some other container technology.

gvdhoorn gravatar image gvdhoorn  ( 2020-05-07 07:31:58 -0500 )edit

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answered 2022-03-20 21:10:23 -0500

ljaniec gravatar image

In the addition to the @gvdhoorn comment (I think this ROSCon 2019 talk "Macau: Using ROS and Gazebo to Safely Validate and Verify Autonomous Systems" fits right here), below is a list with some links with useful resources about ROS CI:

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