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costmap_generator output

asked 2020-05-01 11:43:56 -0500

henryth gravatar image

updated 2020-05-01 12:21:57 -0500

With the costmap_generator package, what is the format of the predicted objects from naive_motion_predict? Is it a list of objects / object predicted trajectories? I am wondering what kind of output that is, and how I can get that output.

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answered 2021-08-31 22:37:18 -0500

Vini71 gravatar image

You can inspect the naive_motion_predictor node and see for which topic it is publishing...just use the RQT, click over it on runtime manager and open the plugin introspection option and click over the active topics/nodes.

Then just take this topic that the naive_motion_predictor is publishing and type:

rostopic msg type


rostopic info

Then you will get the message type of this topic. Or just look for this PKG and node on GitHub (Google it) and check the code to understand it.

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