ROS Inverse Kinematics (like KDL IK for inst.) for spider with 3 non linear axes per leg

asked 2020-04-22 12:40:00 -0600

mynickmynick gravatar image

I have assembled an interesting spider with 4 legs (3 axes each) (12 axes in total) where each servo drive is not directly connected to the rotating axes but instead there is a sort of lever connection between the servo drive and the rotation that implies a non linear relation between servo rotation and effectve axes rotation. You can check it on (dark paw).

The question: if i manage to retrieve what non linear relation there is (in form of look up table or something alike) (hoping is monotone so invertible) is it possible to map it into ROS to have for each leg an inverse kinematics calculation?

Thi would be useful to implement different walking styles/techniques different from the single one that is right now implemented by the python SW that comes with the product.

If i was not clear enough and would like to ask better explanation please feel free to contact me



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