Schunk SVH 5-finger hand not detected when mounted on schunk LWA4P arm.

asked 2020-01-22 08:10:08 -0500

AmatureProgrammer gravatar image

Hello All,

I am working on schunk arm LWA4P. I can control it using CAN communication with PC.

Recenty, I started working on schunk SVH 5-finger hand. As suggested by schunk user manual I could communicate between my PC and Schunk SVH using Brainbox's RS485 to USB converter. Here I am using the hand as standalone product.

Now I want to attach schunk SVH 5-finger hand with LWA4P. Here is the tricky part. LWA4P in addition to primary CAN port offers two auxilary connection ports, one for CAN and one for RS232. Schunk has already supplied me a wire that converts RS485 DB9 plug to 2 M12 plugs, which are supposed to be connected with two AUX ports on LWA4P. However, when I did this connection and run the same launcher script for Schunk_svh_drivers as before (standalone case), it is throwing me the error that, it can not detect the hand.

Could anyone help me out to solve this very specific problem?

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