need help to install schunk powercube arm controller ros node and corresponding CAN bus drivers [closed]

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I was trying to install "cob_powercube_chain", a ros node for schunk powercube arm controller. It depends on 3 imortant packages i.e. libm5api, libntcan,libpcan. libm5api is the schunk library and other two (libm5api, libntcan) are CAN bus drivers. I couldn't install libntcan when I run the script given in the package. It says

mst@laptop:~/my_ros/care-o-bot/cob_extern/libntcan$ sudo ./esdcan_make_devices Please do first a "insmod esdcan_usb331.o or insmod esdcan_usb331.ko ... (depends on kernel version)"

However no such file exists to do insmod.....

my first question is we are attaching arm trhough ESDCAN-PCI (PCI card basically), so is this node working for ESDCAN-PCI331-linux-2.6.x...... driver??

If so then can anyone please help me to install this libntcan, libpcan drivers.

I would be really thankful for this. I am sure someone is working on this and has installed this package and drivers. SO I am looking forward for help.


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