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providing external odometry to the ROS navigation stack

asked 2019-12-09 11:18:27 -0500

b.lazarescu gravatar image

I am using a combination Realsense T265 and T435 and try to improve turtlebot2 navigation capabilities using RtabMap. The slam algorithm seems to work just fine, and the cameras position is quite accurately tracked. The problem comes when trying to use the ros navigation stack, which considers the robot location as being base_footprint, and not the my cameras position(which is more accurate). My tf trees starts with map-> odom which was two children: base_footprint and t265_odom_frame. Is there way of linking the base_footprint as a child of t265_odom_frame? /odom topic contains a set of /odom to /base_footprint tf transforms which are published by the mobile_base_nodlet_manager node. I assume I have to change this not and make it publish t265_odom_frame to base_footprint transforms, but I am not sure how and where I can do that.

As a reference, I started with this tutorial: rtab navigation and slightly modified to work with RS t265. In my demo, I can see how the robot model is following base_footprint while diverging from the pose estimation provided by the camera.


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answered 2019-12-12 10:35:01 -0500

matlabbe gravatar image

You may find the answer on the Turtlebot part of this Google Tango tutorial:

There Google Tango is giving odometry to camera, not base_footprint of turtlebot. The hack is to make base_footprint the child of the camera, unless you can specify to T265 driver in which frame you want the odometry transformed (which would be base_footprint instead of the camera). I think T265 can use wheel odometry as input too, maybe they have something already done for that.


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