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datatype/md5sum error

asked 2019-12-03 07:14:38 -0600

alice-st gravatar image

Hi! I've been trying to run link text and i constantly get this error:

[ERROR] [1575375869.500571590]: Client [/firefly/trajectory_sampler] wants topic /firefly/path_segments to have datatype/md5sum [mav_planning_msgs/PolynomialTrajectory/2daf5d705534e84f80980f4673a0e62b], but our version has [mav_planning_msgs/PolynomialTrajectory4D/4d68d15524ede489eecd674bb6dc3ee8]. Dropping connection.

I was told that i may need another version of mav_comm folder ( link text ) but no matter what i try i get the same error. Can anyone tell me how to fix that??

Thank you!

I use ubuntu 16.04 and ROS kinetic.

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1 Answer

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answered 2019-12-04 11:25:55 -0600

updated 2019-12-04 11:26:31 -0600

You need to make sure you've compiled both pieces of software with the same version of the mav_planning_msgs package.

Something has changed in that message between versions so they don't line up. More than just that, it looks like you're using the wrong message type.

mav_planning_msgs/PolynomialTrajectory != mav_planning_msgs/PolynomialTrajectory4D

You've subscribed to a topic with a specified type that is not the type the topic is publishing.

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