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Class trajopt_interface/TrajOptPlanner cannot be found in Moveit tutorials

asked 2019-10-30 15:06:41 -0500

andreflorindo gravatar image

Hello ROS community. After successfully testing TrajOpt using the tutorial from ROS Industrial Training, I decided to try the fairly new tutorial provided in Moveit! master branch. Following the steps mentioned in the latter tutorial, I created a new workspace with both moveit and panda_moveit_config from source. No major compilation errors were found, so I just source it and run the first roslaunch.

roslaunch panda_moveit_config demo.launch  pipeline:=trajopt

However, it was followed by the error

[ERROR] [1572464829.624886189]: Exception while loading planner 'trajopt_interface/TrajOptPlanner': According to the loaded plugin descriptions the class trajopt_interface/TrajOptPlanner with base class type planning_interface::PlannerManager does not exist. Declared types are  chomp_interface/CHOMPPlanner lerp_interface/LERPPlanner ompl_interface/OMPLPlanner
Available plugins: chomp_interface/CHOMPPlanner, lerp_interface/LERPPlanner, ompl_interface/OMPLPlanner

My first reaction was a problem with the source. Even removed the ros-melodic-panda-moveit-config, source it again, but the same problem still persisted. Then when to confirm which branches were being used: master for moveit and melodic-level for the panda configuration. Seems fine. As such, I cannot figure out why this particular class cannot be found. Thanks for the help in advance.

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answered 2020-01-16 03:07:37 -0500

jeroendm gravatar image

It seems that there is a CATKIN_IGNORE file in the trajopt_planner package in the master branch of MoveIt. This means the package will not get build and hence will not be found when launching the demo.

I guess this follows from the sentence:

The TrajOpt planner is still an alpha feature [...]

But maybe we can add an issue that this is not clear from the tutorial?

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Couple weeks later figured out the same by reviewing the commit #1593. At the time I tried to remove the CATKIN_IGNORE in a hope that would solve the problem, but some errors in the compilations still persisted. Anyway, ended up using Trajopt with Tesseract.

andreflorindo gravatar image andreflorindo  ( 2020-01-17 05:01:59 -0500 )edit

Although is mentioned that Trajopt in moveit is a "alpha feature...and needs further hardening", there is also no reference of a CATKIN_IGNORE in the moveit master branch tutorial for Trajopt.

andreflorindo gravatar image andreflorindo  ( 2020-01-17 05:07:49 -0500 )edit

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