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Load SDF (.model) into robot_description

asked 2012-05-09 08:09:53 -0600

rtoris288 gravatar image

updated 2014-01-28 17:12:16 -0600

ngrennan gravatar image

In the past and currently, you can load a URDF/XACRO file into the parameter service via something like:

<param name="robot_description" command="$(find xacro)/ 'my_robot.urdf.xacro'"/>

The latest Gazebo package supplies several nice robot models (simulator_gazebo/gazebo/gazebo/share/gazebo-1.0.1/models/youbot.model for example) which are great to spawn in Gazebo. Is it possible to use the .model file (in the SDF format that Gazebo uses) in order to load the model into robot_description in Fuerte?

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2 Answers

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answered 2012-06-18 07:40:23 -0600

Dave Coleman gravatar image

I believe the robot_description parameter can only handle Collada and URDF formatted files. This is then read by the "URDF Interface" for use with tf, Rviz, etc. A SDF .model file is not supported.

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answered 2012-10-18 08:29:48 -0600

ffurrer gravatar image

You should be able to set the robot_description with a SDF file as:

<param name="robot_description" textfile="$(find <my_robot>)/model.sdf"/>

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This answers directly to OP indeed. But then after reading in SDF as a parameter, you'll probably need it to be processed by robot_state_publisher as this answer explains, which isn't supported yet.

130s gravatar image 130s  ( 2017-04-27 23:13:03 -0600 )edit

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