ROS Catvehicle error.

asked 2019-10-12 02:28:37 -0500

arash.marashian gravatar image

Hi everyone, I was testing one of the examples of Catvehicle toolbox that is presented at

and when I run the following code:

roslaunch catvehicle catvehicle_neighborhood.launch

I get these errors:

ERROR: cannot launch node of type [cmdvel2gazebo/cmdvel2gazebo_node]: cmdvel2gazebo
ROS path [0]=/opt/ros/melodic/share/ros
ROS path [1]=/home/arash/catkin_ws/src
ROS path [2]=/opt/ros/melodic/share

What is wrong and what should I do?

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Seems you cloned part of the whole project. You probably downloaded the urdf model and launch files but not the nodes launched in these launch files. The catvehicle_neighborhood.launch is launching a cmdvel2gazebo node and it seems you do not have the node nor the package.

Weasfas gravatar image Weasfas  ( 2019-10-16 05:08:24 -0500 )edit

so what should I do?

arash.marashian gravatar image arash.marashian  ( 2019-10-16 10:45:16 -0500 )edit

Just download the full project or at least the nodes you are launching. I do not know what exact files you are using but in this repor it seems you can find the node Cat vehicle

Weasfas gravatar image Weasfas  ( 2019-10-16 11:23:12 -0500 )edit