working of ros controller

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I know how to use ros_controllers but I am stuck in the question how this controller works behind the scene. I know the dynamics to control the joint for my robot. But I want to know which dynamics ros_controllers uses. I read the source code. I read the documentation. I searched a lot but I could not find the answer. Please someone explain the working principle of controllers. I don't want complete explanation, I just want the overview in just words not in mathematical expression because I know robotics dynamics only I want to know about this package specifically effort_control .

Like in my case I am simulating the Manipulator with 4 degree of freedom. I am using effort_control/JointPositionControl. I am able to simulate it very well. I studied about all the dynamics of the manipulator from the book. If I want to include the friction for each joint how should I include this extra velocity dependent force in the existing control dynamics(ros_conmtroller_dynamics). If once I know the working principal and the file of effort controller in which it is developed, I can modify the dynamics there for my case.

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