linking to libserial, "undefined reference to `LibSerial::..." , Melodic, Error.

asked 2019-09-12 16:02:12 -0600

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Hi, I installed libserial from source. Now I got "undefined reference to `LibSerial..." Errors. I searched for the problem but the mentioned "solution" mentioned in this post link text doesnt work. Where to link to the headers and where to see where they actually are on my system? Thanks

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I found a solution (on the worst designed site on the web). Happy to share link text

I leave the question open and unanswered as this solution seems suboptimal (direct linking to headers), and it would be great if someone in the know could provide a good link or answer-post on this important and very frustrating issue, describing a professional solution, best practice, etc.

Dragonslayer gravatar image Dragonslayer  ( 2019-09-13 17:30:11 -0600 )edit