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No message recieved from pcl/NormalEstimation nodelet

asked 2012-05-03 00:30:38 -0500

liborw gravatar image

updated 2012-05-03 00:31:19 -0500


I'm trying to run simple example with kinect and normal estimation, I'm running a simple launch file:

<!-- Launch openni grabber -->
<include file="$(find openni_launch)/launch/openni.launch"/>

<!-- Launch nodelet manager -->
<node pkg="nodelet" type="nodelet" name="nodelet_manager"  args="manager" output="screen"/>

<!-- Normal Estimation -->
<node pkg="nodelet" type="nodelet" name="normal_estimation" args="load pcl/NormalEstimation nodelet_manager" output="screen">
    <remap from="~input" to="/camera/depth_registered/points"/>
        # -[ Mandatory parameters
        k_search: 0
        radius_search: 0.015
        spatial_locator: 0


but I'm getting "No message received" if I try to subscribe /normal_estimation/output topic in rviz, even though rostopic echo /normal_estimation/output show that messages are published.

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can you please share the screenshot of the rxgraph

karthik gravatar image karthik  ( 2012-05-03 02:02:17 -0500 )edit

1 Answer

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answered 2012-05-03 02:39:14 -0500

liborw gravatar image

updated 2012-05-03 02:40:13 -0500

I thing that the problem is that pcl/NormalEstimation publishes pcl::Normal, which does not contain coordinates.

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