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I have been unable to use the autogenerated arm navigation application to successfully control the PR2 in gazebo. I've been following the tutorial for the wizard (, using torso_lift_link and r_wrist_roll_link as my base and tip links for the right arm planning group. But, when I try and send a pose goal to the move_arm node, the goal aborts and I get the error message "Incorrect number of elements in IK output."

From what I can tell, that means that the IK solver is finding a solution that doesn't have the same number of joints as the ones in the control group. But I don't know why it would do that, or how many joints are in the solution it's coming up with.

The same error occurs when I run the wizard on another robot defined in its own urdf. Is there some additional configuration I need to do in order for the navigation application to understand how many joints are in the group? Can I at least find out how many joints the IK solution has? Thanks, Teddy

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