Creating fake Odometry

asked 2019-08-19 09:58:20 -0500

parzival gravatar image

updated 2019-08-19 15:27:49 -0500

I am trying to build a robot similar to the turtlebot. But my only sensor input is LaserScan from RPLidar.

Since rf2o_laser_odometry has some issues, I chose to use laser_scan_matcher. However laser_scan_matcher only gives Pose2D msgs, which will help estimating the pose but not the Twist.

I want to create fake nav_msgs/Odometry using the data from Pose2D and Twist messages from the move_base by merging them. I have two questions regarding this.

Is it a good idea to do so, considering that I only have access to LaserScan and that rf2o_laser_odometry, the only package which publishes Odometry msgs from LaserScan, doesn't work and has errors?

Also, a bit more specific doubt with the workaround. I am experiencing delays in Odometry's Twist values and the actual twist values. How can I solve that issue?

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