Cartographer SLAM with ouster Lidar and use_odometry = true

asked 2019-08-09 04:44:02 -0500

Hey forum members, greetings to you all! I am not very familiar with all aspects of ros & Its been around 1 month since I am struggling with 2 issues. Issue 1: It's related to cartographer with ouster lidar and Odom data from mavros. when I am launching cartographer_ros with use_odometr = false, sub_maps are getting published without any error and then occupancy_grid_node is also publishing /map but when I try to visualize things in RIVZ. The output is not stable it keeps rotating on its own axis even though the lidar is stable. I am not able to understand what is causing the moment of the points and ultimately the map itself is rotating.

Issue 2: when I am trying to enable Odom or I am trying to use the /imu data from mavros the cartographer starts raising a warning [ WARN] [1565342884.273398933]: W0809 09:28:04.000000 11280] Queue waiting for data: (0, points2). This problem just arrises when FCU I try to integrate FCU along with Lidar data. Lidar data is getting published without any error. I am not able to understand why cartographer is not able to read those values if its some transformation error or anything else.

Please find launch, URDF & config file

Please help me how to integrate Odom with lidar in cartographer as without Odom data I am not able to visualize how SLAM will be possible. Thank you in advance

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