[theora] Packet was not a Theora header

asked 2019-07-05 10:34:52 -0500

Filippo Grazioli gravatar image


System info: I am using ROS Melodic, theora_image_transport 1.9.5, image_transport 1.11.13. I am acquiring an image with usb_cam 0.3.6.

Problem description: The aquisition happens on a local machine (my laptop). My goal is to subscribe to usb_cam/image_raw/theora with a node running on a remote server. When I do this, or if simply try to republish this topic from theora to raw on the remote machine, the following thing happens:

[theora] Packet was not a Theora header and no raw image gets published of course.

Some remarks:

1) A strange thing is that this does not occur all the times. If I try to run the node which subscribes to the theora Pack (or to run rosrun image_transfer republish theora in:=... raw out:=...) for N times, at some point it will work smoothly. Most of the times, however, it does not.

2) Another interesting thing: on my local machine I can subscribe to the same theora topic and everything works smoothly.

Any suggestion?

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