Error when try to republish theora [closed]

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Hi there,

I am trying to republish theora to raw with image_transport package, but I got the following error when I did that.

adrian@ubuntu:~/catkin_ws/src/camera1394/tests$ rosrun image_transport republish theora in:=camera/image_raw raw out:=camera/image_decompressed
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'image_transport::TransportLoadException'
  what():  Unable to load plugin for transport 'theora', error string:
Failed to load library /opt/ros/groovy/lib// Make sure that you are calling the PLUGINLIB_EXPORT_CLASS macro in the library code, and that names are consistent between this macro and your XML. Error string: Could not load library (Poco exception = /opt/ros/groovy/lib// undefined symbol: th_comment_clear)
Aborted (core dumped)

Following is output of topic list:

adrian@ubuntu:~/catkin_ws/src/camera1394/tests$ rostopic list

Can anyone give me some hints to solve the problem?

Thanks for any help in advance!

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