ROS-on-Windows-10 (melodic) spawn sdf model

asked 2019-07-05 06:38:04 -0500

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updated 2019-07-05 08:52:01 -0500

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I am trying launch a Gazebo Simulation and spawn a pillow. Which I got from here.

After launching ROS stucks at Waiting for service /gazebo/spawn_sdf_model

started core service [/rosout]
process[pillow_spawn_urdf-2]: started with pid [14152]
[INFO] [1562321054.835000]: Loading model XML from file C:\catkin_ws\src\pillow_issue\models\pillow\model.sdf
[INFO] [1562321055.866000]: Waiting for service /gazebo/spawn_sdf_model
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