PID motor speed control, integrating motor control feedback to loop [closed]

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I have implemented a pid controller for controlling speed of a N20 motor with gearbox and encoders. The motor drivers I use also allow me to measure and monitor the current used by motors.

I wonder if I can introduce this current feedback into PID loop, and make a variation of PID algorithm.

Like when the robot is stationary and motors have just received a command, the current consumption peaks, until the dead zone has passed. I wonder this kind of data be used for better control, gain scheduling, etc.

Best regards, C.A.

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Can you please clarify how this is related to ROS? This sounds like something you should be asking on a more general site like or even a more suitable forum dealing with controls.

I'm closing this for now, but you should still be able to edit the question. If/when you clarify and this does appear to be a ROS question, we can re-open.

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