Groupname is not found using moveit, kuka-iiwa-14

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I'm working with kuka-iiwa14 robot and try to simulate this in Gazebo using MoveIt. For the iiwa I use the package of Salvo Virga: . Running with Ros kinetic on Ubuntu 16.04

In the package I've removed all links to the iiwa7 files and replaced them with the iiwa14. Using roslaunch iiwa_moveit moveit_planning_execution.launch the combination with MoveIt and Gazebo runs. Draging, planning and executing in the MoveIt environment works perfectly.

Now I wrote a script to manipulate the location of the endeffector:

import sys
import copy
import rospy
import random
import moveit_commander
import moveit_msgs.msg
import geometry_msgs.msg

rospy.init_node('move_interface', anonymous = True)
robot = moveit_commander.RobotCommander()
scene = moveit_commander.PlanningSceneInterface()
print "Group names are: %s" % "," .join(robot.get_group_names())   # Check for groupnames
manipulator = moveit_commander.MoveGroupCommander("manipulator")
display_trajectory_publisher = rospy.Publisher('/move_group/display_planned_path',moveit_msgs.msg.DisplayTrajectory, queue_size = 1)

pose_target = geometry_msgs.msg.Pose()
pose_target.orientation.w = 0.11
pose_target.position.x = 0.3
pose_target.position.y = 0.15
pose_target.position.z = 0.8

plan = manipulator.plan()    #planning trajectory
manipulator.go(wait = True)

The group name "manipulator" corresponds with the name in de iiwa14.srdf file. However I got the following error, but don't know how to fix this.

orion@orion-desktop:~/catkin_ws/src/iiwa_stack-master/src$ python 
Failed to import pyassimp, see for more info
[ERROR] [1558494320.348058400, 438.486000000]: Robot semantic description not found. Did you forget to define or remap '/robot_description_semantic'?
[ INFO] [1558494320.348590590, 438.486000000]: Loading robot model 'iiwa14'...
[ INFO] [1558494320.349741328, 438.487000000]: No root/virtual joint specified in SRDF. Assuming fixed joint
Group names are: 
[FATAL] [1558494320.730383206, 438.623000000]: Group 'manipulator' was not found.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 16, in <module>
    manipulator = moveit_commander.MoveGroupCommander("manipulator")
  File "/opt/ros/kinetic/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/moveit_commander/", line 52, in __init__
    self._g = _moveit_move_group_interface.MoveGroupInterface(name, robot_description, ns)
RuntimeError: Group 'manipulator' was not found.
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Do you still have this problem or did you manage to solve it? I have the exact same problem but with a UR robot.

MartinJensen37 gravatar image MartinJensen37  ( 2021-08-16 03:37:51 -0500 )edit

Hi guys.Did any of you find an solution for the problem.If yes pls share it.

ghost_101 gravatar image ghost_101  ( 2023-01-05 06:20:08 -0500 )edit