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Is Ros On Windows + Ros# + rosbridge running on Windows 10?

asked 2019-05-08 15:39:10 -0500

Eduardo Rizzo de Albuquerque gravatar image


I'm trying to run ROS On Windows ( ) working together with Unity3d on Windows 10. I found ROS# ( ) which depends on rosbridge_suite.( Both packages work on Linux but I`m trying to make the run on Windows 10 on the Ros On Windows environment. No success yet.

Has anyone been able to do something like that? Is Ros On Windows planning to support ROS#?


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Have you find an answer? Trying to use the rospy_azure_iothub via Visual Studio Code on Windows 10, and i'm stuck on rosbridge_suite. I'm not able to install it on Windows, even if using Chocolatey.

Jonathan S. gravatar image Jonathan S.  ( 2020-02-28 10:32:30 -0500 )edit

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answered 2021-01-17 04:43:53 -0500

CsorvaGep gravatar image


I was able to get it running on the melodic version, but it's not a failproof solution, and probably there is an easier one. Anyway, here is my solution:

Clone rosbridge into your workspace (if you want to install later, you should do it on a clean one). Install dependencies with

pip install twister pyopenssl autobahn tornado future bson pymongo

Modify the launch files to use the scripts with the .py extension (eg.: rosbrdige_websocket.launch:59 type="" ).

Verify if its working (catkin_make and than roslaunch), and install the dependencies if I missed some. If it's works fine you can install it with the following command:

catkin_make_isolated --install -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release --install-space c:\opt\ros\melodic\x64

Because python2 is not supported, it might be easier to do it on the noetic distro, but that not works for me right now, so I cannot verify it.

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With ros-noetic on windows not installing the bson helped. pymongo has it's own bson and updating to the latest pymongo helped.

billnava gravatar image billnava  ( 2022-02-05 13:06:15 -0500 )edit

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