Rviz crashes on "ROS time moved backwards"

asked 2019-03-06 03:50:45 -0500

StevenCoral gravatar image

Hi all, I am using ubuntu 14.04 with ros indigo. I am running rosbag play with --clock --loop, viewing it on rviz with pointcloud scenes I have recorded previously. I subscribe to the message output with another node, running some segmentation scripts I wrote. So, I used to be able to loop through the bagfile, changing parameters on the fly. Every time it looped I would get a warning (actually I think it was en error message) but everything would have kept on going. I'm not sure when it started or what I did to make it so, but now every time I get to the end of the recording (or exit the rosbag and run it again) then I get the same message but Rviz crashes. It consumed a lot of time for me.

Does anyone know how to make it so that Rviz does not crash on time moving backwards?

Thanks in advance, Steve

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