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A global planner using a Roadmap graph

asked 2019-02-26 15:26:31 -0500

ct2034 gravatar image

Is there a global planner in ROS1 that can deal with a predefined Roadmap graph to make the robot move on its edges. I think this would be a very useful thing but can not find anything in that area.

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Is a Roadmap graph a specific data structure?

David Lu gravatar image David Lu  ( 2019-02-26 15:41:47 -0500 )edit

No. I mean just a generic geometric graph that is not a gridmap. For example from a 2D PRM etc. It would be good to use something existing like a Boost Graphs, Networkx or GraphML. And it would also be a good feature to get this graph via a topic (similar to the map topic, but a graph)

ct2034 gravatar image ct2034  ( 2019-02-26 17:06:10 -0500 )edit

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answered 2019-12-05 08:59:51 -0500

ct2034 gravatar image

To answer my own question. I made this here:

Currently, I am in the process of releasing/cleaning it up.

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