test path planning algorithm

asked 2019-02-24 10:44:02 -0600

hanin gravatar image

I'm new to ROS, and I want to test my path planning algorithm by 3d simulation. The algorithm needs a PRM ( which is implemented in Moveit & OMPL ) and it works in a dynamic environment with moving obstacles, also the environment is known so I don't want to use gmapping, the robot should know the map without moving.

So, how to do this in ROS? I couldn't find any tutorials.

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So you are saying that you know dimensions and locations of your obstacle, and now you want your robot to know those to avoid while planning?

kolya_rage gravatar image kolya_rage  ( 2019-02-25 02:54:07 -0600 )edit

@kolya_rage Yes, the robot knows the initial locations, but if the obstacle started moving around the robot it should detect it with the sensors that embedded in the robot.

hanin gravatar image hanin  ( 2019-02-25 06:12:42 -0600 )edit