Experimental Velodyne VLP16 for 2D mapping

asked 2019-01-08 18:52:10 -0600

magiccjae gravatar image

My end goal is to generate indoor 3D map along with LiDAR point cloud. I was able to see 2D and 3D demos working, but not with my own "rosbag" files (2D and 3D both). So I think my first step would be to make 2D map working without IMU which is what I need some help on for now.

  1. Rosbag validate rosbag_validate_jae_test3.txt

  2. Git repository of the forked 'cartographer_ros' forked cartographer_ros Files that were used for 2D mapping: cartographer_ros/configuration_files/my_2d.lua cartographer_ros/launch/demo_my_2d.launch cartographer_ros/launch/my_2d.launch cartographer_ros/urdf/my_2d.urdf

  3. Downloadable link to my Rosbag file jae_test3.bag This Rosbag file contains /scan topic messages.

The problem I see in RVIZ is that velodyne frame goes all over the place with respect to map frame. Thus, cartographer seems not able to match the scans to generate map or trajectory. Please help me or guide me to where to start debugging. Thank you in advance and I look forward to the further discussion!

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