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Using two sensors simultaneously (Ibeo Scala)

asked 2019-01-08 01:06:22 -0500

sporc gravatar image

updated 2019-01-08 02:34:43 -0500

Hi there,

I am trying to use two Ibeo Scala sensors at the same time. With the help of the following packages I am able to run one sensor and visualize it in rviz.

Now I would like to setup a second Scala sensor and visualize them both in rviz. I wrote a second launch file, where I changed the IP address and the frame_id. The problem: When I start the second launchfile in a new terminal, the process in the first terminal (first sensor) gets aborted.


^[[33m[ WARN] [1546933754.809607419]: Shutdown request received.^[[0m
^[[33m[ WARN] [1546933754.809667337]: Reason given for shutdown: [new node regiregistered with same name]^[[0m

How can I change the second nodes name to work along the first one ?

I tried while starting the node to change the name parameter:

roslaunch .... __name:=testnode

and I tried to add a 'remap' in the Launch file

<remap from="ibeo_scala" to="testnode"/>

None of the above works, I always end up with the same error

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1 Answer

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answered 2019-01-08 03:36:28 -0500

Reamees gravatar image

updated 2019-01-08 07:09:22 -0500

You need to have a unique name in the node part of all of your nodes, or put your nodes in a namespace.

You can see what your nodes are named with the command rosnode list

So either change the name of your nodes to something like this(add arguments for the second sensor if you want or hard code the correct values):

just to be clear, edit the name: 'node pkg="ibeo_scala" type="ibeo_scala" name="ibeo_scala"'

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <arg name="frame_id" default="ibeo_scala0" />
  <arg name="ip_address" default="" />
  <arg name="port" default="12004" />
  <arg name="is_fusion" default="false" />
  <arg name="publish_raw_data" default="false" />

  <node pkg="ibeo_scala" type="ibeo_scala" name="ibeo_scala0">
    <param name="sensor_frame_id" value="$(arg frame_id)" />
    <param name="ip_address" value="$(arg ip_address)" />
    <param name="port" value="$(arg port)" />
    <param name="is_fusion" value="$(arg is_fusion)" />
    <param name="publish_raw_data" value="$(arg publish_raw_data)" />

  <node pkg="ibeo_scala" type="ibeo_scala" name="ibeo_scala1">
    <param name="sensor_frame_id" value="ibeo_scala1" />
    <param name="ip_address" value="" />
    <param name="port" value="12005" />
    <param name="is_fusion" value="$(arg is_fusion)" />
    <param name="publish_raw_data" value="$(arg publish_raw_data)" />

rosnode list would output something like


You could also add a namespace to the node, so the relevant lines would be something like

<node ns="sensor0" pkg="ibeo_scala" type="ibeo_scala" name="ibeo_scala">
<node ns="sensor1" pkg="ibeo_scala" type="ibeo_scala" name="ibeo_scala">

rosnode list output in this case would be something like


After getting the nodes running in either way you will also need to configure rviz to use the correct names

Regarding both nodes publishing to the same topic:

If you ran the nodes with different names instead of namespaces then this is expected and you would need to add remaps to the node. Something like:

<node ns="sensor0" pkg="ibeo_scala" type="ibeo_scala" name="ibeo_scala">
<remap from="as_tx/point_cloud" to="as_tx0/point_cloud"/>
<node ns="sensor1" pkg="ibeo_scala" type="ibeo_scala" name="ibeo_scala">
<remap from="as_tx/point_cloud" to="as_tx1/point_cloud"/>

if you run the nodes in different namespaces and the node is coded sensibly you shouldn't need to remap them, the topics should appear in the namespaces like


If they don't appear in the namespace you would need to change the code of the node or add remaps.

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Thank you. It works. I can run now two sensors simultaneously, but they are both on the same topic: "as_tx/point_cloud". When I select this topic in rviz I can see both data. Is it possible to publish each sensor to a unique topic?

sporc gravatar image sporc  ( 2019-01-08 06:41:02 -0500 )edit

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