creating a virtual object while navigation

asked 2018-12-22 04:02:22 -0500

mua2491 gravatar image

i am working on car2x communication function in autonomous driving on turtlebot. i have already created the map through gmapping. the scenrio is such that there is one initial and final point but two ways to go to final point. one is shorter than the other. at the moment while navigating turtlebot takes shortest path. so when i receive the car2x message i want the turtlebot to take the other path. i can create a virtual object in the map and load that map but the point is want the simulation to start with no virtual object and when i receive a car2x message virtual object should be created then. i am new in the ROS environment kindly guide me how it can be done and also what problems i might face in doing it. Thankyou in advance

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