MoveIt Tutorial - RViz Robot colliding with itself

asked 2018-12-14 06:33:07 -0600

Nap gravatar image

I'm going through the MoveIt tutorial using RViz and some things I'm seeing require an explanation that isn't given in the tutorial:

  1. Why, with 'Scene Robot -> Show Robot Collision' on, is the Panda shown as colliding with itself?
  2. (Philosophical question) Concerning the depiction/rendering of the Panda's pose. Why isn't the Query Start State set as the current pose of the Panda, or alternatively why doesn't the Panda assume (or goto) the pose set by the Query Start State when the start state is set? The rendering is unnecessarily cluttered by having the Panda's last position show in the RViz view window, which, of course, can be turned off using 'Scene Robot -> Show Robot Visual'.
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