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Robot Model blinking with robot_localization package

asked 2018-11-09 09:11:59 -0600

jawsqb gravatar image

updated 2018-11-09 14:21:58 -0600


It appears when I run my robot localization package with my ROS rover simulation, the RVIZ file shows my model flickering and not stable. Furthermore the /odometry/filtered doesn't seem to be visualized as my /odom topic seems to be.

I ran roswtf and got :

Found 2 error(s).

ERROR TF multiple authority contention:
 * node [/ekf_se] publishing transform [base_link] with parent [odom] already published by node [/gazebo]
 * node [/gazebo] publishing transform [base_link] with parent [odom] already published by node [/ekf_se]

I am confused as to how to resolve this discrepancy.

How do I stop gazebo from broadcasting the odom -> base_link transform? I believe gazebo is publishing the transform automatically so I'm unsure how to remap it if its not in my launch file.

Here is my launch file:


  <!-- these are the arguments you can pass this launch file, for example paused:=true -->
  <arg name="paused" default="false"/>
  <arg name="use_sim_time" default="true"/>
  <arg name="gui" default="true"/>
  <arg name="headless" default="false"/>
  <arg name="debug" default="false"/>
  <arg name="model" default="$(find ros_robotics)/urdf/dd_robot.urdf.xacro"/>
  <arg name="rvizconfig" default="$(find ros_robotics)/dd_rviz.rviz"/>

  <!-- We resume the logic in empty_world.launch, changing only the name of the world to be launched
  <include file="$(find gazebo_ros)/launch/empty_world.launch">
    <arg name="debug" value="$(arg debug)" />
    <arg name="gui" value="$(arg gui)" />
    <arg name="paused" value="$(arg paused)"/>
    <arg name="use_sim_time" value="$(arg use_sim_time)"/>
    <arg name="headless" value="$(arg headless)"/>
  </include> -->

  <include file="$(find gazebo_ros)/launch/empty_world.launch">
    <!--arg name="world_name" value="$(find mybot_gazebo)/worlds/"/-->
    <arg name="world_name" value="$(find mybot_gazebo)/worlds/"/>
    <arg name="paused" value="$(arg paused)"/>
    <arg name="use_sim_time" value="$(arg use_sim_time)"/>
    <arg name="gui" value="$(arg gui)"/>
    <arg name="headless" value="$(arg headless)"/>
    <arg name="debug" value="$(arg debug)"/>

  <param name="robot_description" command="$(find xacro)/ $(arg model)" />

  <!-- push robot_description to factory and spawn robot in gazebo -->
  <node name="urdf_spawner" pkg="gazebo_ros" type="spawn_model"
        args="-z 1.0 -unpause -urdf -model robot -param robot_description"
        respawn="false" output="screen">
          <remap from="tf" to="gazebo_tf"/>

 <!-- convert joint states to TF transforms for rviz, etc -->
  <node name="joint_state_publisher" pkg="joint_state_publisher"

  <node name="robot_state_publisher" pkg="robot_state_publisher"
    type="state_publisher" />

<!-- load the controllers -->
  <node name="controller_spawner" pkg="controller_manager"
    type="spawner" respawn="false"
    output="screen" args="dd_robot_joint_state_controller"/>

  <node name="rviz" pkg="rviz" type="rviz" args="-d $(arg rvizconfig)" required="true" />



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1 Answer

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answered 2018-11-11 14:34:20 -0600

jawsqb gravatar image

I was able to resolve the parent conflict by stopping gazebo from publishing to 'tf' and remapping it to 'gazebo_tf'

In my empty_world.launch file:

<!-- start gazebo server-->
  <node name="gazebo" pkg="gazebo_ros" type="$(arg script_type)" respawn="false" output="screen"

    args="$(arg command_arg1) $(arg command_arg2) $(arg command_arg3) -e $(arg physics) $(arg extra_gazebo_args) $(arg world_name)">
<remap from="tf" to="gazebo_tf"/> 
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