Calibration of RealSense D415

asked 2018-11-03 06:29:53 -0500

tsdk00 gravatar image


I'm trying to calibrate realsense in a similar fashion as i did for Kinect in ROS using a checkerboard.

For RGB----->rosrun camera_calibration image:=/camera/color/image_raw camera:=/camera/color --size 8x6 --square 0.0245

For Depth-->rosrun camera_calibration image:=/camera/color/image_rect_raw camera:=/camera/depth --size 8x6 --square 0.0245

But everytime i get the error service not found. But when i run rqt_image_view i'm able to see the rgb and depth. So the camera is working perfectly.

But when i did for kinect it saved .yaml file automatically in .ros folder. I already did the dynamic calibration as mentioned on Intel website. But that calibration file i guess i cannot use .yaml file in ros. So, i was trying to get the same .yaml file for d415 in ROS. Please help.

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