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I'm a student ICT engineering working on a project concerning ROS. Me and my team are making an android application to control a PR2. We are working in Eclipse and have a big problem. We have done a lot of research on it and could not find the solution, not even on the ROS forum. So we decided to ask you.

In eclipse we need to import org.ros.address.InetAddressFactory, org.ros.node.Node, org.ros.node.NodeConfiguration, org.ros.node.DefaultNodeFactory and many others. However eclipse cannot find the org.ros libraries. We have asked our coach to take a look at it and he says it is because we need to install the dependency map_store. But if we try 'rosdep install map_store' we get 'Warning: could not identify ['map_store'] as a package ' .

I really hope someone can help us. Our team is getting desperate because as long as this problem is not solved we cannot really continue our project.


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Are you following the instructions at: . That is the documentation that we use to make apps for the PR2. map_store is a red-herring. You may need it, but it's unrelated to the issue you are having.

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