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How to implement a temporal occupancy grid?

asked 2018-06-16 03:11:55 -0600

OwnageManFromLOL gravatar image

I am trying to implement a temporal occupancy grid for my mobile robot for obstacle detection. For my mapping, I am trying to use the grid_map package. Say at time t my laser sensor gives a me a particular set of readings z and I fill up a grid_map in the base_link frame frame. Now at time t+1 my robot moves in some direction and I create another occupancy grid. My question is, how do I align these two occupancy grids that I have just created.

Right now, I'm just computing the relative transform between t and t+1 and then iterating through all points of my t th grid map to see if they are in the t+1 th grid map.

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answered 2018-06-19 12:36:09 -0600

That is certainly an option, however if you only care about updating at each time interval and having only the most recent measurements, that sounds like the exact use case for my non-persistent voxel grid package. It's incredibly simple, it only keeps the most recent measurement cycle information in the occupancy grid at any given time. Not trying to make plugs for my own packages but it seems like this is what you're looking for without needing to do the work yourself.

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