Odometry data from fovis_ros does not seem right!

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Hi, I am using fovis_ros on ROS Kinetic. I am using the freenect library with kinect. This is my launch file

  <!-- This should be the same as used with openni_launch -->
   <include file="$(find freenect_launch)/launch/freenect.launch">

  <arg name="camera" default="camera" />
  <node pkg="nodelet" type="nodelet" args="manager" name="nodelet_manager" />
  <node pkg="nodelet" type="nodelet" name="convert_openni_fovis" 
        args="load depth_image_proc/convert_metric nodelet_manager">
    <remap from="image_raw" to="$(arg camera)/depth_registered/sw_registered/image_rect_raw"/>
    <remap from="image" to="$(arg camera)/depth_registered/image_rect"/>
  <node pkg="fovis_ros" type="fovis_mono_depth_odometer" name="kinect_odometer" >
    <remap from="/camera/rgb/image_rect" to="$(arg camera)/rgb/image_rect_mono" />
    <remap from="/camera/rgb/camera_info" to="$(arg camera)/rgb/camera_info" />
    <remap from="/camera/depth_registered/camera_info" to="$(arg camera)/depth_registered/sw_registered/camera_info" />
    <remap from="/camera/depth_registered/image_rect" to="$(arg camera)/depth_registered/image_rect" />
    <param name="approximate_sync" type="bool" value="True" />

Everything works fine except that the odometry data that is published by fovis_ros, does not seem correct. I am aware of lost odometry for visual odometry and assure that I move the camera carefully but the odometry data just does not match the actual one. The camera is placed directly on the ground plane. I would like to mention that I do not have the YAML calibration files as I am not aware how we do it, but I also noticed that fovis_ros does not ask for it. Please let me know any more information that I should post with this. Thanks!

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