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When will be ROS2 fully realtime compatible?

asked 2018-03-09 03:20:59 -0600

TBRob gravatar image

I am going to switch to ROS2 by realtime reasons. In some projects we need realtime ability because of security reasons.Going to use Linux with RT_PREEMPT kernel patch. So it would be interesting when all Realtime features will be available?

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answered 2018-03-09 16:36:46 -0600

Dirk Thomas gravatar image

OSRF has worked on a real-time demo in the past which is part of the ROS 2 release. The tutorial page in the wiki is a good starting point for that referencing additional resources. Currently we are not actively working on that ares (see roadmap) but focuc our efforts on various other topics.

From just reading your question it is unclear to me what you mean with "all Realtime features". If real-time support is relevant for your use case I would suggest to look into what is already possible and start a discussion on what is not yet covered on e.g. discourse. We also encourage you to contribute whatever is necessary / helpful for your application to extend the support in that area.

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Also, while we've not bene actively investigating it lately, we are working with people who will be using parts of ROS 2 in realtime situations, but the important question is "which features and/or packages need to be realtime for your use case?" Not all of ROS 2 will be realtime safe.

William gravatar image William  ( 2018-03-09 16:41:49 -0600 )edit

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