Most efficient way to detect setpoint reach?

asked 2018-02-28 10:57:46 -0500

cozavci gravatar image

I am trying to learn autonomus drone control. For now, i am running PX4 firmware in Gazebo 7 and controlling it via MavROS

I followed official PX4 tutorial in the following link:

In this simple tutorial, drone takes off and hover at 2m altitude for a few seconds and then lands. After tihs tutorial, i changed code so drone moves more, like going 15 meters forward, turning left and going 20 meters more etc.

When i publish a setpoint, i publish it a lot of times so i am sure that setpoint is reached. But i want to know when spesific setpoint is reached, so i can publish next setpoint. I looked at MavROS Wiki for a ready-to-use solution, but couldn't find what i need.

Therefore, i want to ask here. How would you determine if a setpoint is reached?

Ubuntu 16.04.03 ROS-Kinetic Gazebo-7

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