ar_track_alvar - huge numbers not detected (i.e. 20.000)

asked 2018-02-01 11:18:38 -0500

Till Chima gravatar image

Hello everybody,

on my search for a coarse 2D-Code (i.e. QR-Code) that only represents a number, has a huge quantity (>20.000) and can easily be decoded, I stumbled across the ar_track_alvar codes.

Sadly I had to notice that I am able to generate markers with large encoded numbers (i.e. 65.000), but I am not able to decode them using the provided software. I know that pobably most of you don't need such a huge amout of Codes, but in my scenario I definetly will (basic QR-Codes are not suitable for my scenario).

The question is: Is it only a bug, that markers with large Numbers can't be detected or is it somehow related to the encoding style that only small numbers can be encoded and large numbers are just encoded as gibberish? Could somebody please confirm that this problem exists?

Looking forward to your replies!

Best Regards, Till

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