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Good night dears.

It is the first time I work with ardrone_autonomy + GPS and I am full of questions. Until now I have been able to read GPS data. Now I am looking for an waypoint navigation, but I am full of doubts.

I have used the driver from the github indicated in this link:


and as I told before, I am able to read GPS values.

Now I my goal is to perform a waypoint setting ardrone/setgpstarget and enabling ardrone/setautoflight, I catched some information in this link,

But I was not able to launch the waypoint.

My first question is. Once I launch both services, is the ardrone supposed to perform the configurated cordinates after launching takeoff topic?

Do you have any example/ code that could help me to understand the logic of these services?

Was anybody able to call ardrone/setgpstarget from the command line instead of calling it with?:

rosrun rqt_service_caller rqt_service_caller

Thanks so much in advance for your help,


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