How to generate /odom by only using /imu/data?

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Hello guys,

I've been trying to integrate IMU data to robot_pose_ekf. However, robot_pose_ekf subscribes to an odometry topic, which in my case is not available. Our robot only has two laser scanners and no wheel odometry. hector_mapping generates the transform "odom --> base_footprint" which I use to created a fake odometry message.

So, I had /odom and /imu/data as inputs for robot_pose_ekf. It didn't work out due to timing issues between the topics.

Do you know of a ros-package which subscribes to /imu/data and publishes and odometry message? If not, what kind of approach would be best for dealing with that? A Kalman Filter?

I'm looking for something like this: 3D Tracking with IMU

Thanks in advance

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Hello Fernando, can you tell me if you found a solution for your question?

Best regards, Tobi

Tobias36 gravatar image Tobias36  ( 2018-08-30 07:32:40 -0500 )edit