Using RotorS for HIL simulation with asctec_mav_framework

asked 2017-12-01 04:42:48 -0500

PetrBatek gravatar image

Hello, has anyone any experience with using RotorS simulator for Hardware In the Loop simulation of algorithms implemented on the LLP and HLP? I am interested in sending simulated measurements from IMU, Vicon to the HLP and read out Motor commands from the MAV controller. I have followed tutorials from rotors_simulator /wiki and hlp position control. Sending simulated position data from RotorS as Vicon position measurements to HLP was easily accomplished. However I cannot find any way how to send simulated IMU data onboard to the drone. Is there any way?

I've also noticed, that motor command velocity topics are different for fcu (hl_node) and nodes for motor control in the simulator. Is there any bridge to convert messages from one topic to the other?

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