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Hi everyone:

We are facing an unexpected issue while sending commands to an Asctec Pelican through the asctec_mav_framework package. Any command is formed by a linear velocity vector (vx, vy, vz) and an angular velocity (vyaw). It turns out that the linear velocity is interpreted in the global frame, resulting that when sending a positive vx it is alway executed in the same direction regardless the orientation of the vehicle.

We have taken a look to the documentation and when building the command it is possible to put a parameter which should make the UAV to interpret the commands in body frame (this is, a positive vx should mean to advance in the heading direction), but this is not working. Anyone has experienced this issue before? Any idea about how to solve this?


Hi all again:

We have been doing some additional tests regarding to the problem of the Pelican ignoring commands sent in body frame. This is the current situation:

  • asctec_mav_framework provides a mode to send commands in body frame (if you look at the mesagge type values, values 4 and 5 correspond to velocities and positions sent taking as reference the body of the UAV).

  • However when we specify any of these two options, the Pelican just do nothing in response. This happens both using our code and the tests implemented in the asctec_mav_framework package. Changing the message type to any value between 1-3 works well, but this is not the behavior that we want.

Are we missing something here? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much,


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