SMACH C++ counterpart

asked 2017-11-29 02:48:31 -0500

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I was looking for a way to use SMACH in C++ but it seems that there is no C++ version of SMACH. I'm currently having some nodes written in python and some written in C++. The Python nodes all use SMACH and I mainly want it for visualizing the internal states of my robot. I also want my C++ components to be in shown in that visualization and I also want to use the hierarchical part of SMACH. Is there any implementation somewhere which can achieves this? I'm mainly interested in the visualization of internal states, writing a state machine is not that of a problem, but I don't want to spend any time on the visual part.

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Have you found a way to use smach in c++ ?

Cyril_J gravatar imageCyril_J ( 2018-04-20 14:07:19 -0500 )edit