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Hi. First of all, sorry for my bad english. I am a begginer at ROS and i have some questions. Here is my situation:

I am trying to do a simple modeling language (a DSL), to model the movement and actions of a robot and generate a ready-to-execute ROS code. In short, with my language the user marks on a map some poitns that the robot follows or perform some actions on it (for example, taking a picture). For testing and development i am fighting with Gazebo and using an old IRobot Create 1.

Basically, i only want to move a certain distance and when doing so, avoid any obstacle in the more simple way possible.

Now, i have two options in my mind: 1) Use the navigation stack: i need to configure the requerimentes but i dont want to generate the map, i only need to move "to one point to a another". 2) Do it by only using "basic" topics like Odometry.

¿Can i archieve my goal with one of these options? ¿The topics /cmd_vel and /odom are "implemented" by all of the robot models that implement ROS? ¿Which way is more simple? ¿Which way is the more complete?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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