asset writer on google cartographer with xtion, rplidar, turtlebot

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Hello I want to generate 3d map using xtion, rplidar, turtlebot. First, I thought that quality of map using rplidar and turtlebot is good. So, I believe pose of 2d slam using turtlebot, rplidar and I want to add xtion and generate 3d map.

I tested 3d mapping using demo. Also, I tested 2d mapping using custom rosbag. Custom rosbag includes Odometry, Lidar scan, RGB image, Depth image. And I want to 3d map for custom rosbag. the below link is 2d map using custom rosbag. link text

I have question.

  1. Do you have any sample for 3d mapping with asset writer using xtion, rplidar, turtlebot or xtion, turtlebot.

  2. Could I make this system and is it possible?

the below links is system structure. link text

Thank you for reading this question.

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