inconsistent odometry while following the same path in ROS Gazebo

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I have been working on developing software for autonomous navigation of Jackal robot. I am using the setup proposed in clearpath navigation tutorial

As this tutorial proposes, I am using Gmapping to map the environment, robot odometry and laser scanner from robot mounted sensors. For navigation I have develop an SRT (sensor based random tree ) based algorithms to calculate the next best point (target location) in free space where Jackal can move. In order to move Jackal, I have develop another algorithm based on Potential Gradient Method that plans (calculate velocity and steering command) the robot path from source point to target point. The issue i am facing is when the Jackal first starts in Gazebo lets say from 0,0 to some desired position eg. (5,5), Jackal reaches 5,5 and stops there. However when I command Jackal from 5,5 to 0,0 it losses track of coordinate frames and does not stop at 0,0.

When I check the each point in path taken from 5,5 -> 0,0 the points coordinate look completely different. Although visually in Gazebo simulation the path taken by robot seems to the same as 0,0-> 5,5 . I am doing software programming in Matlab 2015a with ROS interface.

I am new to this forum. If I miss out something that is required to resolve the issue, I will provide the information.

Thanks for the time.

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